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Are you still struggling with Chemistry?
Can’t quite get your head around molarity and entropy?
You want to ace the AP/SAT subject test – but are secretly scared that Chemistry is going to be your undoing?

Throw your worries away. You’re in the right place.

I feel your pain. I feel your frustration. Well, I’m frustrated too that a subject that IS so much fun has been stereotyped as the hardest subject ever!

It kills me when I hear students say “Chemistry is just not my subject! There’s no way I’m going to remember this!” None of my students have ever said that again after working with me (usually it just takes one session)!

No matter what your struggle with Chemistry has been so far, I am here to help you rock it! AND I make it fun. I promise.

I teach chemistry starting at the General/STEM level all the way up to IB, AP and SAT Chemistry.

Choose the Best Program for You


1:1 Deep Dives

For students who prefer individual attention with a custom curriculum designed for the student’s learning abilities and end goals.



Focus Group

For those who learn better in small groups (max 3 students) rather than 1:1 or just need help with a particular area or topic. [Note: this group is generally created by the student / family]

1:1 Deep Dives

These are 1:1 custom sessions for students who prefer individual attention. I customize a curriculum that is specially designed for the student’s learning abilities and is in accordance with their end goals.

I start with a comprehensive evaluation to assess where the student is at and their best learning modes. We establish the end goals of the engagement and how frequently we should meet – I usually recommend a minimum of once a week.

Lessons are an hour each, customized to the student’s needs. Each lesson has follow up homework to ensure the student has truly understood and internalized the lesson – and of course, I review their homework and give feedback in the next session. As a bonus, in between sessions, I’m available via email for any clarifications the student may need! I typically respond within 24 hours. During exam times, I’m literally on-call (a habit carried over from my Intel days) to support my students every step of the way.

To ensure we stay on track and committed to the end goals, each month, we review our progress and course correct as required. Parents can request a FREE consult anytime to understand and/or evaluate their child’s progress and goals.

Lessons are usually on Zoom, but can be in person at my place, at your place, or at a library / common destination.

Choose from these conveniently sized packages:

2 Hour Trial Pack

For those who want to explore how well we work together or need a laser focused crash course. To be used within 1 month.


5 hour Focused Prep

For those that need personal attention preparing for a challenging exam or project. To be used within 3 months.


10 Hour Deep Dive

For those who are committed to building their Chemistry skills over the semester. To be used within 3 months.


Vaish is an absolute gem. Our son is taking college inorganic chemistry and she has helped him go from a C to A’s in his last two quarters.

She has a marvelous way of simplifying and crystallizing complex concepts in a way our neurodiverse son can completely grasp. She often leaves him with key equations written out that has helped him internalize the concepts and cut through the fog of a complex subject.

Vaish’s knowledge goes miles deep, and she is patient, but also knows how to push.

We’ve hired tutors for our son in the past and had limited success, but with Vaish there have been times where he’s asked to add extra sessions because he finds her help so intrinsically valuable! 1000% recommend.

Kurt G

Want to Know More?

Schedule a (complimentary) call with me.

Got Questions? 

Here are my responses to some of the most commonly asked questions.

I cannot drive my son/daughter to your place each week. Can you tutor him/her online?

I’ve been tutoring kids online for years now [much before COVID hit us]. Now, post-COVID, most of my students are online, though I am happy to teach in person, if you so prefer, depending on location.

Over the years I’ve honed my skills to deliver the same impact, the same fun, interactive style of teaching via the Internet.

I use Zoom for video chat and a whiteboard app to interact and teach. These ensure we have that personal connection, clarity and understanding – even over the Internet. 

My child has a disability / is a slow learner. Can you help?

Of course!! I believe Chemistry is for Everyone!
I believe every child has the ability to learn.
Most learning limitations are truly teaching limitations. 

Every child has a slightly different learning style. Often it is just a matter of finding a child’s unique learning style.

Watch my TEDX talk to learn more about my personal motivation.

My child is super-smart, genius actually. But he needs help with Chemistry/AP/SAT. Can you help?

Yes I can. I’ve worked with students of varied learning abilities.

Teaching super-smart / TAG kids or even geniuses is less about simple tutoring and more about helping them manage and organize their learning and teach them to bring that knowledge to the exam paper.

I help kids understand the intricacies of writing an exam and help them take their knowledge to the next frontier.

Can I cancel/reschedule our sessions?

If you’re working with me 1:1, you can reschedule our session via my online calendar. I request all cancellations/rescheduling be done at least 1 working days in advance.  In case of sickness, I will try to give you a make-up class if my schedule allows.

Do you offer refunds?
No. All sales are final. I do not offer refunds.

I take on a very limited number of 1:1 students at a time. So whether for my 1:1 sessions, or group programs, by blocking a seat for you, I have declined another prospective student.

If you have any doubts, I strongly recommend you sign up for a call with me BEFORE purchasing any of the programs.

If you’re still not certain whether I’m the right tutor for your needs, I do offer a 2 hour trial pack which let’s you explore whether my teaching style is a good fit for you.

Want to Know More?

Schedule a (complimentary) call with me.