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Vaishnavi helped me so much with my IB Chemistry class and exam. I felt like I learned so much in every tutoring session, and topics that had seemed impossibly hard before seemed easy once we had covered them. Before she started tutoring me, I was expecting to get a 2 or 3 on my IB exam, but after only 4 months of tutoring, I’m expecting a 5 on the exam (I haven’t gotten my scores back yet), and I think if she had been tutoring me for a longer time I would have gotten a 6 or 7. It was also easy to contact her if I had any homework questions. I definitely recommend her!

Anna C

10th Grader

Vaishnavi tutored our son who took the AP Chemistry course and she coached him for the exam. She is an extremely thorough and patient tutor and is very flexible. She has the knack of pinpointing the students’ weak areas and helps them navigate through the coursework. She was very punctual for all the sessions and wasted no time getting to work as soon as the session started.

She is obviously an expert in her area and was able to handle all the doubts and questions that my son had and went over all his work with him. She showed him short- cuts and quick ways to tackle problems in the practice exams.

The result of all this excellent tutoring was that our son got a perfect 5 in the AP exam. He took the SAT Subject test in Chemistry right after that and scored a perfect 800!

Thanks a lot Vaishnavi! We wish we could find a tutor like you for other subjects too.


Parent of 9th grader doing AP Chemistry

Chemistry honors was a tough class for me, and Vaish helped me get through with understanding and clarity. She explains things the way I understand. I appreciate all her help with chemistry and math!

Kayla A.

10th grader in Honors Chem

Vaishnavi is the best – and my favorite – tutor out of all the ones I’ve had!

She made me really like subjects that I used to find boring before – such as chemistry. I understand concepts ten times better when I learn with Vaishnavi than when I learn them at school.

To help me understand new concepts, she would use very interesting analogies – and they help a lot! Aside from being a teacher,

Vaishnavi is also a very good person. She really cares about how I do in school and hopes for my success. Her praises make me feel more and more confident about myself.

I highly recommend Vaishnavi for those of you out there in need of an experienced, motivated, and professional tutor!


10th Grader

Vaishnavi is an amazing tutor for a number of reasons. When I first came to her for chemistry help I didn’t expect much only because I hated the subject and thought there was no way I could ever understand it!

However after her tutoring I realized that the subject matter was quite interesting and the reason I hated it was I couldn’t understand the way it was being taught at school.

Vaishnavi is great at saying the same thing a number of different ways to make sure the student really understands it and then will test the student after teaching to make sure that she/he really understands the material. Overall, she has transformed not only my understanding of chemistry but the way I look at the subject as a whole.

Lea K

10th Grader doing IB Chemistry

Vaishnavi is an exceptional tutor! She is patient, thoughtful, conscientious, hard-working, committed and extremely intelligent. She has been an extraordinary gift to our daughter and to our family. We highly recommend Vaishnavi.


Parent of 11th grader learning Chemistry and PreCalculus

It is not easy at all to find a tutor like Vaishnavi. We are very glad we found her. She has been tutoring our daughters for almost a year now. Excellent tutor. Very dedicated, Focused, Patient, and most importantly she teaches from her Heart. Our daughters and us are very satisfied with her teaching. Wish her All the Best with her Tutoring.

Rajani R.

Parent of 10th grader

My daughter, Emily, first worked with Vaish in 8th grade. She was a huge help to Emily and is a pleasure to work with. Vaish is always on time and makes the most of the allotted tutoring time. Emily really enjoyed working with Vaish and learned so much from her. When Emily needed math and chemistry assistance last year in 10th grade, we immediately turned to Vaish. With her help, Emily obtained strong grades in two very challenging classes with even more challenging teachers. We strongly recommend Vaish and will turn to her for any tutoring needs in the future.

Jill E

Parent of 10th grader

Outstanding! Vaishnavi has deep knowledge of chemistry and quickly/easily explains it to the student. My daughter is very appreciative of having Vaishnavi as a tutor, she makes IB chemistry so much easier to understand.



Very knowledgeable and helpful!

Vaish is great at explaining concepts in a way that students can easily understand. She has tutored both of my children in several math subjects and has helped them immensely.