Stressing Over the next year of Chemistry?

Chemistry is often the hardest test in AP. (Well, also IB!)

But it doesn’t have to be.

Not if you’re prepared.

It takes a bit more than just late nights and hard work.

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Hi, I’m Dr Vaishnavi Sarathy.

I’m here to help you not just learn Chemistry, but understand it, inside out.


How I Help Students

Step 1: Learn & Understand.

I help you learn about the principles of Chemistry – the complexities of how atoms and molecules come together – using story and analogy, so that it is easy, and fun for you to understand, and remember.

Step 2: Ace the Test

Understanding by itself isn’t much use. You’ve got to be able to prove it to the world. Every step of the way, I test your understanding. So that when it comes to school exams, the AP or SAT, you are prepared to ace them all.

Step 3: Grow.

Exams are only a means to an end. Whether your end goal is to get into an Ivy League college, or become a research chemist, I help you get there. I’ve been there. I know what it takes.

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What Students & their Parents Say

Vaishnavi is the best – and my favorite – tutor out of all the ones I’ve had!

She made me really like subjects that I used to find boring before – such as chemistry. I understand concepts ten times better when I learn with Vaishnavi than when I learn them at school.

To help me understand new concepts, she would use very interesting analogies – and they help a lot! Aside from being a teacher, Vaishnavi is also a very good person. She really cares about how I do in school and hopes for my success. Her praises make me feel more and more confident about myself.

I highly recommend Vaishnavi for those of you out there in need of an experienced, motivated, and professional tutor!


10th Grader

Vaishnavi tutored our son who took the AP Chemistry course and she coached him for the exam. She is an extremely thorough and patient tutor and is very flexible. She has the knack of pinpointing the students’ weak areas and helps them navigate through the coursework. She was very punctual for all the sessions and wasted no time getting to work as soon as the session started.

She is obviously an expert in her area and was able to handle all the doubts and questions that my son had and went over all his work with him. She showed him short- cuts and quick ways to tackle problems in the practice exams.

The result of all this excellent tutoring was that our son got a perfect 5 in the AP exam. He took the SAT Subject test in Chemistry right after that and scored a perfect 800!

Thanks a lot Vaishnavi! We wish we could find a tutor like you for other subjects too.


Parent of 9th grader doing AP Chemistry

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