SAT Chemistry subject test 4-week intensive prep

Think of the hardest course you ever took. Something that made your life a living hell…

If you said Chemistry, you are not alone. Of course, I don’t agree, but that’s my job!

I have two things to say to you:

  1. It doesn’t (didn’t) have to be hard. 
  2. Use the momentum you have gained at the end of the year and funnel it into the SAT Chemistry subject test.

If you took the AP Chem test, SAT Chem is significantly easier. There are a few new topics but nothing you can’t learn in a month.

It is a different course, different format, faster, sleeker.

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Details: 8 classes 
May 17- June 2, Mon/Wed/Fri 5 pm – 6 pm


June 6-June 30, Tue/Fri, 5pm – 6 pm

Enrollment stops with 4 students in each class.
Cost: $400

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