Honestly, “2 steps before Advanced Science” is a title to hook you…

if you are the AP (Advanced Placement for the non-US folks) junkie.

What I really want to say is:

When and how will your kid start to LOVE Science? 

But you came in to read 2 steps before Advanced Science and you shall get them.

When I gave my busy Chemistry practice a name last year, I wanted to focus my efforts on working with the students that I help the most: high school students working towards AP exams. Plum Pudding was established with the goal of being a advanced Chemistry training program.

BUT, what stands out to me more and more as I work with students is that it is not smartness that helps a student succeed in Advanced Science programs. You need to have built a bas
is in enjoying and appreciating science. And this has to be done over time, slowly, with love. Remember that Science, like many things in life, is a process not a last minute checklist.

Let’s jump to the 2 steps then, shall we?

  1. Start Early
  2. Find your niche

If that seems too simplistic, let me explain:

  1.  Starting early means investing time in science (of the non-academic nature). Unless you are the rare minority, academics rarely builds love. And this post is ALL about love.  Explore, explore, explore. Do many projects. Be undeterred by results.
  2. Step 1 will lead to you finding your niche. Finding your niche is the core of Step 2. Don’t stop until you do.

Think about it: how many people are interested in football if they don’t have a favorite team, or tennis if they don’t a favorite player. 

Similarly, to be TRULY interested in science, every child needs a niche. It could be paleontology (like my nephew), space science (like my daughter) or just math (like one of my students).

Because I think this is SO IMPORTANT, I am starting a FREE program to guide students (grades 5-9) through this 2 step process to appreciating science and to be able to enjoy advanced science when the time comes. Sign up here. Sign up closes for the program on January 19th.

If you have tried these 2 steps with your kid, I’d love to know. Please do post comments here.