You are 2 months into your AP Chemistry schedule right now. If you are lucky and your course is progressing on schedule, you will be studying Gases right now. Things may seem just fine, if you still remember some STEM Chem, or things may be utterly chaotic.

Remember that close to December, you are going to be learning relatively unexplored and “harder” concepts like Kinetics, Equilibrium, Acids and Bases etc.

THIS, therefore, is the time to arm yourself conceptually! Get strong right now. What can you do?

You can dive in!

  1. Master Unit Conversion. This is so very important, so I created my own video about it. It’s short and to the point, and I hope you get that point.
  2. Use this conversion concept to know how to do EVERY type of Stoichiometric conversion
    • Moles « Grams
    • Moles « Representative Particle
    • Moles « Molarity
    • Empirical formulas
  3. Know the names of these substances inside out
  4. Know your periodic trends and REALLY, REALLY understand electronegativity. It will carry you along for a long way.
  5. How do you get to the place that you are comfortable with 1-4 above? Try the wonderful Bozeman Science talks, or Khan Academy (these are longer videos).
  6. Test your knowledge with simple questions from your textbook, or, or wait for my upcoming blog with a list of questions to keep you on track.*

*“Do you know what you need to know right now to be on track to acing AP Chemistry?”

*In a few weeks, I will be releasing a thorough guide to Equilibrium Systems, the topic that most everyone seems to struggle with a little. Stay tuned.

I love and value feedback. What do you want to learn more of? What are you not able to find a good resource for? What doesn’t make sense? Please comment.