In my last blog I spoke about finding a tribe, especially in high school. High school is an exceptional place for social growth, but can be terribly isolating academically, even more so if you are in AP/IB courses.

To study together or not? How do you find a group that works? Here’s what to do.

colorful-644641_640Keep the group small and keep it similar

Not more than 3 actually.Any more and distraction is the only purpose it will serve. Here are some questions to consider:

How similar are you in learning goals and skills?
What works?

  •  Different learning modes (auditory/visual)
  •  Different strengths (concept/math, eg, stoichiometry vs. bonding
  • All team partners are invested in the team

What doesn’t work:

  • Completely different learning styles (detail oriented vs. big-picture)
  • Too much competition
  • Too little interest or investment in learning (even one team member like that can tank the team)

smart-watch-821562_640Schedule smart and schedule strict!

Plan on a monthly schedule of topics (do not be limited by your teacher’s schedule).

Stick to this schedule. It helps maintain the focus.

Do a project together

If you can’t, then help each other in your projects. Working on concrete things together builds a team and builds a knowledge pool.

Find accountability (a tutor/teacher to lead the group)
A tutor that can work with a team is an invaluable asset to keep you on schedule, and to make sure you are learning right.

Comment on whether you worked with a team/group in your last exam, and how that worked out for you!